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COVID-19 & Home Inspections:  Quick Guide

What you need to know as a Home Buyer, Seller or Realtor



All of our inspectors are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. At client or seller request, we will wear masks (and gloves, if requested) to maintain a safe environment for our clients, Realtors, and respect the home and concerns of sellers.

  • Vaccinated clients and agents are not required to wear a mask, unless specifically requested by the seller (or at client request).

  • Unvaccinated clients and Realtors must wear a mask during the inspection and observe social distancing.

We don't want to be referees, and expect that all clients and agents will understand the need for these procedures, and abide by them accordingly. It is impossible to know the details of every situation that could be cause for concern or place people at risk (infants, pregnant women, elderly, etc.) and we will enforce any requests for a more cautious approach (masks, gloves, distancing, limited conversations in the home) as we did at the beginning of the pandemic.

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