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Like an annual check-up for your house!

We all need a complete physical from time to time - your house is no different!

Of course, no one looks forward to seeing the doctor, but the fact is, it's necessary to make sure that we stay in good shape, and catch any red flags before they can turn into something serious.

A Homeowner Maintenance Inspection for your house is exactly the same.  We give your home a thorough top-to-bottom evaluation - pointing out minor repairs, making maintenance suggestions, and identifying issues that could become serious problems if left unattended.  And unlike a routine physical, our Maintenance Inspection comes with a guarantee!

Even the most vigilant homeowner can overlook clues of an underlying problem, or simply put off what seems like a smaller or insignificant maintenance item. Over time, these add up to big problems and even bigger price tags to fix.


A Homeowner Maintenance Inspection is just like a standard home inspection but with several added benefits:

  • Full detailed evaluation of your home

  • Identify problems before they get worse

  • Seasonal Maintenance "to-do" lists and reminders

  • 5-year Platinum Roof Warranty

  • Free 90-Day Home Warranty

  • Free Appliance Recall Check - we do the research to make sure you are aware of any product recalls and safety alert

  • Saves Money - our recommendations are designed to save energy, lower your heating and cooling bills, and extend the useful life of your appliances and systems

  • Pays for itself - by using our inspection to avoid major repairs, lower utility bills, and get more life out of appliances, our clients save FAR more than the cost of the inspection... on top of our FREE Warranties and services!!

Best of all, because there is no time limitation (as there is when we inspect for home buyers) we can inspect your home at a time that works for you - 7 days a week! 


Schedule your Homeowner Maintenance Inspection today!

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