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A DIY Pre-Inspection Checklist (no tools needed!)

My favorite Realtor (my wife) has clients who are preparing to list in the spring.

Knowing that they can make privileged (i.e. "free") use of her inspector-husband, they asked her what they should do to make sure that their home will “pass” an inspection (homes don’t “pass” or “fail” inspections, but that is a common misconception, and probably a whole other blog topic for another time).

I get this question a lot, actually, from both buyers and sellers.

People want to know what kinds of things inspectors look at, or what they should look at during the home-seeking/home-selling process. While other inspectors may not appreciate that I am giving away this information for free, I created a basic checklist that should provide a good starting point.

For homeowners or potential sellers, it can serve as a pre-inspection “to-do” list, and will provide a better understanding of how an inspector will see their home.

For buyers, it offers some help in looking at homes a little more critically, weeding out some potential "money-pits," and avoiding surprises and/or disappointment at the inspection.

For Realtors, it can be a starting point in setting your clients' expectations and managing their fear-factor prior to the inspection.

This is not intended to be a complete or exhaustive list, but does give you a pretty good starting point for potential (costly) problems or concerns that you can identify without any tools and with nearly no specialist's knowledge.

Of course, if you want a professional opinion, I would be happy to schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection and Consultation with you.

Joe Michalski




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