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We Got You Covered - FREE Warranties with EVERY Precision Home Inspection

You may (or may not) be aware of the constant refrain from home inspectors: "A home inspection is NOT a guarantee!"

While this is still true - an inspection is a snapshot in time and can't predict the future, see through walls, or guarantee that things will always be wonderful - I have found an awesome set of warranties that we give for FREE to every client (along with their amazingly thorough Precision Home Inspection) to give them some measure of protection against the unpredictable.

And I have to say, they are pretty damn good warranties.

Let's say you move in and the dishwasher that worked fine at the inspection suddenly doesn't work? Covered! (FREE 90-day home warranty)

Maybe the plumbing of the vacant home tested well during the inspection, but once you move in and your family of 4 starts actively living there - using the toilets, showers and washer - a tree root blockage in the sewer pipe is discovered? Covered! (SewerGard Protection)

OK, so what about a sump pump that quits in the time between the inspection and your closing date, filling the basement with mold that needs professional remediation? Covered!! (MoldSafe Coverage)

Sounding pretty good, right? Here's the best one.....

Your roof springs a leak from heavy, wind-driven, sideways rain one crazy March day, 4 years after you move in.....COVERED!!!! (5 year Platinum Roof Leak Protection Plan).

AND we will submit your appliance information to RecallChek to provide you lifetime coverage,

to notify you of any manufacturer recall notices about your appliances, and give you the information for free repair or replacement (as determined by the manufacturer). (RecallChek).

It's an amazing package of additional coverages that I am thrilled to give for FREE, to EVERY client with their Precision Home Inspection.

Of course, there are deductibles and limitations, but it does provide coverage for those unforeseen events that can ruin the joy of moving into your new home, and blow a hole in your budget so soon after closing.

And it comes FREE, with the Philadelphia Area's Best Home Inspection - Precision Home Inspection!!


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