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Winter Is Here - Is Your House Ready?

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

In case you haven't noticed, it's cold. Winter is here, and if you're like most people, you are probably more focused on cookies, presents, and holiday parties than you are home maintenance.

It's ok - we here at Precision Home Inspection have you covered, and we just might save you a few dollars while you're at it.

The most important thing, of course, is your safety. Please don't go all Clark Griswold with your holiday lights and extension cords. I shouldn't have to tell you that a cool light display isn't worth an electrical fire.

Also, check to make sure your carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detectors are working. This is the time of year when chimney fires, heaters that haven't been services, and general stupidity with space heaters comes into play and can cost lives. If you can't remember the last time your chimney was cleaned, or your heater was serviced - it's probably time.

Winterize your outdoor hose bibs, and consider installing heat tape on exposed water supply pipes in unheated garages, crawlspaces, or along exterior walls. (If you aren't sure how to do this, the blue words above are hot links to YouTube videos). Also, heat tape is an excellent solution to prevent ice damming (on steep and/or slate roofs), and freezing of downspouts (common on long downspouts often found in around the Parkwood Section of Philadelphia.)

It also might be time to think about adding weather stripping, insulation or other small tips that can make a huge difference in your heating bills. We covered a bunch of money saving tips in a previous blog.

Finally, it is a good idea to plan for emergencies that usually come along with lots of snow and ice. Things like flashlights, batteries, and instant cell phone chargers make great stocking stuffers and can be invaluable when the power goes out. It is also wise to keep a case or 2 of bottled water and a well stocked first aid kit on hand. Emergency kits and blankets for in the car are also nice gifts - especially for new drivers.

So - we made you safer, more comfortable, a little bit richer, and gave you a few great gift ideas, all in one post. I'd say my work here is done. But if you want to stay on top of stuff like this, use the buttons below to follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, or go to our home page and subscribe to our newsletter/blog. And please feel free to like, share, or repost (we love that!)

Whatever you celebrate this season, make it a great one!

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