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Buyers aren’t the only people who can benefit from a home inspection.  Smart sellers also can use a Precision Home Inspection of their home before they list it.

This inspection is like a standard home inspection, but is intended to help you get the best price for your home when you are selling. 


No one likes unpleasant surprises, and buyers can come away with a negative feeling after a home inspection that uncovers a serious concern, or an endless list of smaller issues.  A clean home with few defects is likely to sell faster, and reduces the potential for costly renegotiation or having the deal fall apart after a buyer’s home inspection.

The inspection takes two forms – one is a confidential assessment of the home, and is the same report we would produce for a buyer of your home.  This helps you understand how a prospective buyer will see your home after a full inspection, and provides you with a list of items you may want to correct and suggestions that can improve your home’s appeal. 


The second report is optional.  After our suggested repairs or corrections are made, some clients like to have a version of the report to share with prospective buyers to show them that the home is in good condition and a variety of issues have already been taken care of.  This can show a level of caring and pride in ownership that subtly reassures buyers and can make them feel more confident about submitting an offer on your home.

In short, a Pre-Listing Inspection by Precision Home Inspection can help you: 

  • Sell your home faster​

  • Make your asking price stick

  • Avoid negotiations with nervous buyers

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