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A Precision Home Inspection is a thorough analysis of every accessible element in your home.  We inspect literally thousands of items to ensure that your new home is safe and sound. 

We will determine the age of your major systems (including the heater, AC, water heater) and tell you the approximate remaining useful life of important components like the roof and HVAC units.  If we find any defects we will show you where they are, tell you more about the issue (how it got that way, why it is a defect), discuss the relative level of concern, and suggest methods of correction, where possible.  All of this information is included in your customized, interactive report, along with maintenance suggestions and other information about your home.

This list illustrates the major categories of items inspected:

What is a Philadelphia home inspection
  • Foundation and support structure    

  • Crawl spaces    

  • Grading and drainage    

  • Fireplaces and chimneys      

  • Attic and roof systems    

  • Basements    

  • Inside and outside walls       

  • Floors and ceilings    

  • Water heater    

  • Ventilation    

  • Electrical service panels   

  • Electrical branch circuits 

  • Outlets, lights and switches  

  • Ducts and vents    

  • Structural integrity    

  • Steps and stairs    

  • Heating system    

  • Air conditioning system   

  • Walks and driveways    

  • Built-in appliances    

  • Plumbing systems (supply and drain pipes, plumbing vents)

  • Plumbing fixtures, drains, and faucets    

  • Garages and carports    

  • Porches and decks    

  • Windows and doors    

  • Insulation    

  • Gutters and downspouts    

  • Sump pumps   

  • Safety features (smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors) 


We encourage you to be a part of the inspection – follow us around, ask us questions.  Remember, you are the most important person at the inspection – and we won’t leave until your last question is answered.



We make every effort to inspect every square inch of your home, but because a home inspection is non-invasive and accessibility to some areas is limited, sometimes there are items that may not be able to be viewed or inspected.

As outstanding as our inspectors are, they are not Superman or Spiderman.  We can’t see behind furniture, or through walls; we can’t contort to fit into small or obstructed crawlspaces or attics; and we can’t walk on wet or steep roofs.  Below are a few limitations to our otherwise amazingly thorough inspections:

  • Areas that are not readily accessible or visible

  • Crawlspaces with less than 30” clearance, or obstructed crawlspaces

  • Inaccessible or obstructed attics

  • Wet, or snow covered roofs

  • Roofs with a slope greater than 6/12

  • Slate, wood, asbestos or clay tile roofs (too fragile)

  • Roofs heights requiring special ladders or equipment for access (check with the inspector prior to inspection if you have questions)

  • Flashing that is covered by siding and/or underlayment

  • Wells (specialized inspection)

  • Flue liners/chimney interiors (specialized inspection)

  • Sprinklers (specialized inspection)

When the roof is covered by snow or ice, or inclement weather (high wind, rain) prevents us from inspecting your roof, we will do our best to access it at a future date.  But, the weather does not always comply, and we cannot guarantee that it will be dry or accessible within your inspection contingency period.  In these instances, we will do our best to inspect visible/accessible portions of the roof from a ladder (if conditions permit), and thoroughly investigate for indications of leaking from the interior of the home.

If you have any questions, please call us and ask!!  We are always happy to help and provide any information we can about your home, and our inspections.

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